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Additional Options


Cordless systems for the Roman, Cellular and Pleated shades offer a smooth and quiet transition as well more safety for pets and children.


Another cordless alternative offered by both Horizons and Graber is motorization. This option makes it easier to operate hard-to-reach and wide window coverings.

Bottom Up/Top Down

Horizons' Roman Shade and Graber's Cellular and Pleated Shades are available in the Bottom Up/Top Down option. This lets you keep the privacy and still allow light to come into the room.

Sun Up/Sun Down

Graber's Cellular and Pleated Shades are available in the Sun Up/Sun Down option. Combine two fabrics for versatility in style, light control, and privacy.


Graber's Cellular and Pleated Shades can also be combined in the Perfect-Vue option. With a pleated fabric on top with a cellular fabric on bottom you gain increased flexibility and superior light control.

Specialty Shapes

A variety of blinds and shades can be custom made to fit your specialty windows such as angled, round, arched, etc.

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